Audit your compressed air installation

If you are looking for energy efficiency improvements, CHS brings you superior AIR AUDIT services that will carry out comprehensive analysis of your compressed air systems on site and provide valuable and reliable recommendations to significantly reduce your energy costs. The audit ensures that all aspects of your installation are evaluated in accordance with a clearly defined framework. Let our audit specialists help you deliver world-class efficiency with your compressed air installation.

Go for energy efficiency

CHS Industrial offers 100% reliable analysis and actionable insights for energy efficiency improvements

Save up to 30 % energy costs

Our unique compressor audit software simulates various configurations of your compressed air installation. This allows us to provide realistic projections on potential energy savings

Comprehensive report and recommendations

Our audit report not only provides a summary for decision-makers, but also an in-depth evaluation of problems and recommendations of proven solutions for your technicians

Compressor Audit

Most compressed air systems operate in harsh production environments that have a severe impact on the efficiency of operations. The reasons are many- inappropriate size, outdated technology, air leaks, and pressure drops. But, with our sophisticated planning and diagnostic tools - CHS AIR AUDITS and AIR REPORTS - you can discover the weaknesses and optimize the efficiency of your plant. While the Air Audits consist of individual and combined analysis of your system, the Air Reports determine the efficiency of your compressed air systems by critically assessing the amount of energy used and the air power output.

Did You Know?

Manufacturing facilities spend around 40% of their total energy costs on compressed air alone.

Compressor Lifecycle Cost Breakdown
Energy Cost    Compressor Cost     Maintenance Cost

Full System Audit

The full system audit is the most comprehensive review and takes around 3 to 10 days with little or no impact on current running procedures. Full compressed air system audits includes:
  • Energy usage data logging
  • Compressed Air Purity Analysis w.r.t Oil, Dust & Dew-Points
  • Spectral Vibration Analysis
  • Maintenance review
  • Air measurement
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Air leak detection & control
  • Detailed analysis and suggestions on enhancement of the system & presenting the ROI for your investment.
  • Technical & Financial understanding.