MAC3 MSP5000 Series


KUBOTA motor-compressor unit. Gradual flow regulation = automatic adaptation of engine speed and air intake according to consumption
Starting system with closed valves = engine less stressed when cold.


  • Optimized grouping while ensuring excellent accessibility and a high level of performance
  • Balanced weight distribution on the axle for easier handling
  • Optimized dimensions for transport and export (up to 18 MSP per 20′ container)
  • Operation at high ambient temperatures as standard
  • Ail-oil separation in 3 steps = superior compressed air quality
  • Electric diesel pump for full use of the tank and automatic priming of the diesel circuit
  • Easily removable bodywork to facilitate access to components :
  • Removable side panels
  • Hood articulated by gas cylinders and removable
  • Remote drain option and retention tank