An Experienced Compressor Specialist

As compressor specialists for over 35+ years CHS Industrial can support factories to synchronize upto 12 compressors configuring them under one ‘Master & Slave’ system using LogikaCloud. Contact us to Learn more.

Innovation, Efficiency and Data Security For Industry 4.0

A compressed air production, treatment, filtration and distribution system is embedded in a constantly evolving market and scenario, sensitive to new paradigms of Industry 4.0 and to the most advanced and innovative technologies. LogikaControl's Technical and R&D teams have developed the new LogikaCloud system, an innovative digital platform that can be managed via the internet, allowing the proper management and monitoring of such plants in real time to be possible.

The Right Controller For Every Compressor

Logika Control offers a wide range of electronic controllers developed to manage compressors of any brand and power, both with ON/OFF and inverter operation.

Small or Big Compressor Rooms: Everything is Under Control

Logika Control has developed innovative controllers for the management of compressor rooms, as a guarantee of maximum efficiency to compressed air production plants.

Logik 200

Logik 200 is an industrial electronic controller suitable for the right management of screw compressors rooms via serial communication RS485 (max. 12 units connected).

Logik 103

Logik 103 is an industrial electronic controller able to manage 2/4 screw compressors by monitoring air pressure constantly. Right solutions for all types of plants

Web Gateway

Logik Web Gateway is the right solution to monitor the plant status in real time by any PC. Through any browser it is possible to manage alarms and maintenance on all the machines equipped with Logik controllers.