VP Flowscope in-line


With the VPFlowScope® In-line flow meter you have the perfect tool for measuring consumption of machines, cost allocation and pressure loss monitoring. The unique design makes this flow meter especially suited for smaller diameters. It is built for small pipes up to 2″.

The VPFlowScope® In-line flow meter is the ideal flow meter for point of use consumption measurement. It measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously and in both directions. It can be used as an in-line air flow meter or in-line gas flow meter.

This in-line flow meter is perfect for smaller diameters where it produces all the data you need to optimize your compressed air and gas consumption. The VPFlowScope In-line flow meter offers different measurement units. It can be used as a CFM air flow meter or CFM gas flow meter.

The other option is to use it as a m3/hr air flow meter or m3/hr gas flow meter. With the VPFlowScope® In-line flow meter you don’t only see your energy consumption, but you can also check the efficiency of your distribution network as well as your true savings potential. It provides all the necessary data to make the right decisions every day.